Random Truths by Joanne Hardy


Random Truths by Joanne Hardy is an engaging saga of the haves and have nots in 1938 small-town Illinois, and the chaos that ensues when oil is found on their land.

Prior to the oil strikes, life had remained the same for generations. The few families with money ran the town. They were the ideal of culture and status everyone else was measured against.

Until the first rig hit oil. Big oil means big money, and money changes everything.

Suddenly ‘poor dirt farmers’ have more money than they’d ever imagined, and no idea what to do with it. Greed, mismanagement, and changing dreams tear families apart.

Old money families no longer have the power and control most of them had been born into, creating confusion and a sense of desperation for some.

Add to the mix the criminal element that often follows fast money – gambling, prostitution, and a sheriff on the take – and you have a town turned upside down.

I really enjoyed this story. There is a large, diverse cast of characters to keep track of, but as in any small town, their stories do all eventually intertwine.

I highly recommend to historical fiction fans seeking something a little different, or anyone who may enjoy stories of small-town, pre-WW2 America, oil fields, family dynamics, or the cost of big money.

I stumbled on this book listed in my Kindle Recommendations. I would likely have never heard of it otherwise. I believe this book may only be available as an ebook through Kindle, but encourage everyone to take a chance on this author and read.

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