Meg & Jo by Virginia Kantra


A  phrase on the cover of Meg & Jo by Virginia Kantra states it’s ‘A contemporary retelling of Little Women.’ I’m not sure I would consider it a retelling, but definitely a modern day story inspired by Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.

Told alternately by sisters Meg and Jo, this is a story of the four March sisters, now adults and struggling to find their own place in the world. They’ve each set out to pursue their dreams, but find breaking out of the boxes assigned to them as children a difficult first step.

The current day setting empowers the girls in ways not feasible in the original 1860s setting, allowing them to resolve their stories in ways I found much more satisfying. At the risk of giving too much away, this includes their mother. Go Marmee!

This is the first I’ve read by Virginia Kantra in a while, since her Dare Island series. What I remember most about that series was her ability to draw me into the story, making me feel as if I was there, part of it, experiencing rather than just reading.

This was definitely the case with Meg & Jo. From New York City to the family farm in North Carolina, I can picture each setting as clearly as if I’d been there. As for the characters, they immediately became my extended family. I’m missing them already and can’t wait for the story to continue in author Virginia Kantra’s next novel, Beth and Amy.

I enjoyed reading Meg & Jo and highly recommend for anyone who enjoys family drama, the love/hate relationship of sisters, or anyone simply wanting to compare this new story to the original. (Literary scholars forgive me, but I found it much more satisfying and enjoyable than the original!)

Meg & Jo will be on sale 12/3/19 and is available for pre-order now.  A release date for Beth & Amy is not yet available….hoping it won’t be far behind!

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