The First Mrs. Rothschild by Sara Aharoni


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I began Sara Aharoni’s The First Mrs. Rothschild. I’d heard of the Rothschild family, but knew less than nothing about them.

I was pleasantly surprised with a story rich in history, told from the point of view of the matriarch of the famous (infamous?) Rothschild family. I had heard the name before and associates it with great wealth, but had no idea of their humble beginnings or wide sweeping impact on global history. At the same time this is simply a sweet story of a mother’s love and devotion to her family.

Historical fiction is by far my favorite genre, the best books being those that spark my interest to research the history behind the story. This is definitely the case with The First Mrs. Rothschild. I was surprised to realize how little I knew about history prior to WWI, specifically the treatment of Jews in Germany through out time (began centuries before Hitler.)

This was a very interesting story I’m glad I read and recommend to anyone seeking a warm story of a mother’s faith and love as her family climbs from the humblest of beginnings to perhaps the wealthiest, most influential family of it’s time.

Although there are a few moments where the wording feels a bit awkward, this was not originally written in English. I easily give The First Mrs. Rothschild five stars.

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