Things You Save In A Fire by Katherine Center


Things You Save In A Fire by Katherine Center is a sweet story of family, forgiveness, and finding love when you stop looking. Its also an excellent reminder that our memories, especially memories of a painful event, can often be colored more by our emotions than fact.

As the story begins, Cassie Hanwell is living the dream. She loves her job with fire and rescue and has carved out a comfortable and rewarding life for herself. She has no idea trouble at work and a phone call from her estranged mother is about to change everything.

The series of events that unfold next force her to release control, let others in, learn what the word ‘forgiveness’ really means, and ultimately find happiness she never believed could really happen for her.

I enjoyed the story, and the lessons on memory, love, and forgiveness are things we would all do well to remember. But what I may have enjoyed most was the way the story was written.  Author Katherine Center has a unique writing style that makes me feel as if I’m having a conversation with a close friend. Maybe we’ve just sat down for coffee and she mentions a person or event I’m not familiar with.  When I ask, she says “oh, let me tell you what happened!!”. And the story begins.

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for an easy read with heart. I look forward to reading more from Katherine Center and have just ordered two more of her books, How To Walk Away, and The Lost Husband. (The movie of The Lost Husband is currently in production starring Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb.)


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