The Hideaway by Lauren K. Denton


(I originally wrote this review for Goodreads back in February, but this blog was not active at that time. The review is almost ridiculously short, but I remember being so touched by the story I had trouble writing much without loading up with spoilers. This is a five star book!)

The Hideaway by Lauren K. Denton is a sweet sentimental story set in a ramshackle B & B in southern Alabama, moving between the early 1960s and present day.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story of family, love, loss, and finding your way back home again, but at the risk of a spoiler I have to say it is HEARTBREAKING. Grab a box of tissues when you read it, but do read – I definitely recommend.


  1. Yeah it’s pretty short, kind of reads like there’s a couple paragraphs missing there in the middle. It’s a five star book and deserves much better. Soon as I get caught up I hope to go back and flesh it out a bit.

    Thanks for the follow, and your kind comment 😊


  2. I just heard about this book and it looks good. Thanks for this very… um… concise review, and I’m glad you have this blog now to post full length ones! I’m a follower!


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