Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton


Hurricane Season, author Lauren K. Denton’s second novel is a story of two sisters struggling between contentment with what they have, or risking it all to pursue their dreams.

Older sister Betsy has always done what is expected. Good grades, college, now the perfect marriage. Younger sister Jenna, always the disappointment. A single mom of two small children from a love that wouldn’t stick around, a natural talent for art and photography that never panned out, settling for a job to house and feed her kids.

But hurricane season in the south changes everything. Always on guard, preparing for the storm that may not come – or may hit and distroy your home and all you know, adding stresses of the unknown to everyday life. In the midst of this, younger sister Jenna calls big sis asking a big favor – please keep the kiddos while she goes on a retreat. Always the one to do the right thing, Betsy agrees.

Can these sisters put away their visions of each other from childhood and see one another for the intelligent, brave women they have become? Can they each take one more chance at making their dreams come true? You can do anything with the love and support of your sister.

Although I have to say I enjoyed Denton’s first book The Hideaway a bit more, this one is also good. Her talent of painting beautiful pictures of the South with words and her ability to wrap you in the emotion of relationships shine through in both books – quickly adding her to my short list of favorite authors. I look forward to reading her next book, Glory Road.

I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking a sweet story of fulfilling your dreams while gathering family close – all in a lovely down South setting.

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