Wolf in the Jungle by Evan Kail


Wolf in the Jungle is author Evan Kail’s first fiction book. Google lists this as Thriller, Historical Fiction, but maybe Fiction, Action/Adventure, Fantasy might be a better fit.

The premise is a group of Jewish American soldiers forming an unofficial unit of Nazi Hunters. The group tracks several top ranking nazi officials – all well known names, all thought to have been killed or commit suicide at the end of the war – to a compound in the jungles of Brazil.

I struggled to get through the prologue and first few chapters of this book. Just felt like the author tried a little too hard to make ever single sentence as overly creative and descriptive as possible. So many adverbs and adjectives were unnecessary, distracting even. It also would have been helpful if timeline was better defined. A few chapters jumped back and forth in time, but this was difficult to follow when some chapters were gives dates, some simply said ‘Six Weeks Later’ or ‘Three days ago’. The three days from when? Today, present day? It was confusing.

I’m glad I pushed past the shaky beginning though, things definitely got better once the action started several chapters in. I am not sure if the writing improved, or if I just got too caught up in the story to notice. Either way, the second half was a page turner.

I was disappointed that the author notes at the end did little to distinguish fact from fiction as is common in most books in the historical fiction genre. But the lack of these notes allowed me to assume it was a complete work of fiction. I think I enjoyed it more under that assumption.

Dispite the rocky start I did enjoy this book and recommend for anyone looking for an Action/Adventure set in the jungles of Brazil, or the fantasy of face to face justice for such nazi war criminals as Klaus Barbie, Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, or even Hitler.


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