Along The Broken Bay by Flora Solomon


Along the Broken Bay by Flora Solomon is a well written story of an Italian-American woman and her child trapped in Manila during the WWII invasion by Japan. Living a priveledged life with cooks, maids, and nannies prior to the occupation, she and other resident Americans quickly learn to live with less than nothing as they escape to the mountains to stay hidden from the Japanese.

I appreciate the disclaimer at the start of the book regarding the use of racial slurs. I understood as I read the book that as offensive as some of the language may be, these were the words that were used at that time, historically accurate.

I enjoyed this book – a fresh view of WWII in an abundance of recent novels focusing specifically on the action in Germany and Europe. The descriptive writing painted pictures, allowing me to clearly see and experience the story. There were moments I could hear the monkeys screaming in the trees, feel the fear as the enemy passed by. This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but will definitely read more.

This book will be available 7/1/19, I highly recommend.

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