Bound South by Susan Rebecca White – Review

south boundWhat is the definition of a Southern Lady?

The story consists of snippets of time through the decade of 1998 to 2008, as told by Louise – a forty-ish wife and mother living in a wealthy suburb of Atlanta; Caroline – her rebellious teenage daughter; and Missy – the young daughter of her housekeeper.

I have to admit I started and stopped this book several times over a couple weeks, unable to really engage in the story. The first several chapters, although filled with some comical moments, seemed random and disconnected. I am glad I suck it out. About a third the way in I became vested in the characters, curious to see where life took them. And I was a little surprised and pleased in the last few chapters when all the dots where finally connected and revealed nothing was as random at all.

Lots of truths in this story: Nothing in life is random, rather a long chain of purposeful events leading us to our ultimate destination; we are all connected, our actions have a ripple effect, touching others near and far; and almost any situation can be improved with a glass of wine and a good laugh.

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