Seaside Haven (Book 1 in the Seaside Series) by Sandra W. Burch – Review

seasidehavenI stumbled onto this book on Goodreads, drawn mostly to the title and cover. I’m a sucker for anything in an East Coast resort setting, Atlantic or Gulf coast. I ordered the book from Amazon, and was more than a little surprised when it arrived in the mail. First notes were that it was only 112 pages long, and through a publisher I was not familiar with – Revival Waves of Glory. Hmm. I must admit I began reading with a bit of skepticism – what would this book have to offer?

It was a quick read, completed in just under two hours, and was pleasantly entertaining. I quickly recognized the book as a standard romance novel story, but with a refreshing PG rating. A quick Google search of Revival Waves of Glory showed it to actually be a ministry that also publishes books. Makes sense.

But don’t let that sway you, for or against. This is a cute, entertaining story with main characters that are surprisingly well developed despite the brief length. Other supporting characters are introduced, though not with much detail or backstory. Perhaps they will be featured in additional books in this series?

This book reminded me very much of the novels published in the late 70s, early 80s, as Silhouette Romance novels – the old purple and white books – not the current rendition of Silhouette. The older version stood out in their time from the better known Harlequin Romance series due to their lack of sexual detail – relying instead on the build up – the longing glances, chance touches, deep kisses… leaving what comes next to the imagination.

I enjoyed reading Seaside Haven, getting to know Sierra and Phoenix, and recalling the beautiful Florida sunrises I miss so much as they enjoyed coffee on their private seaside deck each morning.

This book is perfect to drop in the beach bag, a quick bit of entertainment when you have a few minutes to sit by the pool or with your toes in the sand. I look forward to additional books in the Seaside Series.

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  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing my debut novella, Seaside Haven. Book 2 in the series, Away from the Sun, will be released in September 2015. I do appreciate your support & hope that you will recommend the Seaside Series to others.
    Warm regards,
    Sandra W. Burch


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