Carolina Blues (Dare Island #4) by Virginia Kantra Review

carolinabluesI received this book, Carolina Blues (Dare Island #4), as a winner of Goodreads First Reads contest. Thanks Virginia and Goodreads!

The Gist:  Small island town of Dare, outer banks of NC, recently relocated Philly cop meets vacationing author – sparks fly.

First the negatives: Feel like the book totally missed out on the opportunity to paint the gorgeous picture of the location. A few details here and there, but if I didn’t have first hand images to bring to mind, I would have completely missed out on the beauty and unique atmosphere – which definitely enriches the story. For such a short book, I would have preferred less word count devoted to the ‘she could still smell him on her skin, his imprint on her body…’ kind of stuff. However, I do realize this is a romance novel, therefore required.

On to the positives: The author did a great job of bringing very relatable characters to life, I was left wishing this were a full length novel (400+ pages) where I would have time to learn more about each. But then, mission definitely accomplished. I finished the book about 20 minutes ago. Less than 10 minutes ago I paid the extra $ for 2nd day shipping on the other three Dare Island books. I’m hooked.

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